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Ready to step into leadership excellence?

Let's embark on this transformative six-session journey together, unlocking the leader in you!


In your first 90-Minute Session

Dive deep into your unique Strengths Profile report to enhance your leadership career

Explore all 60 strengths across the four quadrants, including realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours, and areas for growth.

Discover your position within the 5 Strengths Families, providing a holistic view of your strengths.

Access an interactive Goals Planner to align your aspirations with actionable steps.

1 X 60-Minute Set Up & Intention-Setting Session

Kick off your leadership journey by setting the stage for profound change.

1 X 60-Minute Profile Debrief

Dive into your strengths and their implications for leadership

4 X 60-Minute Follow Ups

Guided sessions to continuously refine and amplify your leadership approach.




Purchase our Leadership program and choose a date and time for your first online session.


Within 24 hours, your invite to the online strengths assessment will be in your inbox.

Log in and complete the assessment (ideally on a laptop or desktop in a place where you’re not going to be disturbed)


You’ll get a copy of your report instantly on completion, and HiR will send you a reminder so you don’t miss the debrief video call with James, your Accredited Practioner


You will work with James at the end of the first video call to plan the schedule for the rest of your program.

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Terms & Conditions

Payment is immediate at the time of booking.

Prices quoted are in AUD, and HiR is registered in Australia. Payments and invoices are available in AUD, USD, CND, GBP, or EURO.

All sessions are online, booked via Calendly and conducted using Google Meet unless expressly agreed otherwise. In-real-life sessions may incur additional fees for travel and incidental expenses.

Sessions can be rescheduled using the calendly booking system as required.

All Calendly sessions are booked with a 30-minute buffer so that James can extend the session without any challenges or additional fees should we continue to get the work done.

After your kick-off session, the agreement with your coach on the specific results you want to achieve from your personalised program will be documented.

*100% Money Back Guarantee

At the end of your program, you and your Coach will review the results achieved. If your original expectations have not been met, you are entitled to a full refund for the program's cost, minus the third-party costs of Strengths Profile assessments or HiR will work with you until the results are fully achieved.

It’s important to remember that coaching is not a done-for-you service. If you want higher levels of performance, to see a significant change in your career and life, higher sales results, increased productivity, and stronger teamwork and collaboration, you and your team must put the work in.

If, at any stage during your program, your Coach does not feel that you and your team, in the case of group programs, are putting in the necessary effort and action to achieve the goals set, you will be given a warning and a choice of two weeks notice to improve or receive an immediate refund. If the commitment, effort, and action have stayed the same at the end of the two weeks, HiR reserves the right to fully refund without fault.

The refund offer excludes Introductory & Supercharge Programs and On-Demand Coaching Sessions; in the case of dissatisfaction with these services, you will be entitled to one additional 60-minute session and 14 days of additional WhatsApp/Email support.

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